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Partnering with AutoCoinCars

There are many benefits to partnering with us and different options you can choose from.

We have hundreds of dealerships on board across the UK.

A few examples of our partners are AMARI Supercars, Essex Prestige, and Redline Specialist Cars. To name a few!

Why Partner with Us?

Our unique crypto marketplace will open your business up to a whole new group of customers.

You don't have to be a crypto expert! We handle the crypto transactions and mitigate all the risk, we ensure you get paid the full invoice in your chosen currency.

Our flexible partnership options cater to all dealerships.

We advertise your stock on our marketplace.

If you are connected with us on socials we share and tag you in content to help build awareness.

Partnering with us is now more affordable than ever!

If you still need some convincing we've written a whole article on the benefits we can give your business by partnering with AutoCoinCars, you can read it here.

What are the Partnership Options?

You have 2 options to pick from when you choose to partner with us.


With the brokerage fee option, you only have to pay a fee when you make a sale. We charge a small amount based on the value of the car.


A monthly based fee for our services. This option ensures your fees are covered regardless of how many sales you make or the value of your car.

How Do You Sign Up with Us?

Signing up to become an AutoCoinCars partner has never been easier.

If you are a business, all you have to do is fill out our simple sign up form.

If you want to contact us for support with this, or to ask any questions, you can do that here or by calling us on 0115 671 5007.